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Eyes On Your Mission Project is a Miami-based 501c3 that serves nonprofits, students and industry professionals at the intersection of video production, media and social change.

With a focus on youth living in marginalized and underserved communities, the Eyes On Your Mission Project partners with funders who prioritize access to education, professional development, entrepreneurial exposure, arts programs, creative industry growth, interdisciplinary experiential learning, teacher training, after school opportunities, community based initiatives, and bridging the digital divide.

Organizational History

In 2001, Two Parrot Productions was founded by Jessica Kizorek and her father Bill Kizorek. In 1998, Bill had sold a company he built for 20 years. After having retired in his 50s, Bill was eager to keep busy as a traveling entrepreneur and therefore encouraged his college-aged daughter to start her own business. Jessica was only 21 when she founded Two Parrot Productions as a junior in college at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Bill provided the crucial role of mentorship to help her roll up her sleeves and create a brand, website, and marketing to earn clients and respect in the field. During the early years of their company's development, Two Parrot staff filmed videos for a variety of different businesses for marketing purposes. They worked for hotels, restaurants, attorneys, nightclubs, and some of the most famous spirit brands like Belvedere Vodka and Moet Hennesey. While Jessica did most of the camera work and editing in the early days, she slowly began to build a network of other video-related film professionals that would allow her to focus on building the business.

In 2005, both Bill and Jessica enrolled in a personal development course offered by Landmark Education. Their Self-Expression and Leadership Program lasted 3 months, and over that time Bill and Jessica designed a community project through which they donated their video production services to a global nonprofit called World Concern. Bill traveled all the way to Thailand, where World Concern staff were on the frontlines getting aid to homeless and addicted Thai youth. Neither one of them realized the impact that this video would have on the World Concern organization, and later on Bill and Jessica’s lifepath. After the video footage was edited into a 3 minute montage, the World Concern staff was so blown away the whole office cried while watching the video. They were incredibly grateful that someone had captured their program in a way that they could share with a global audience of donors and potential supporters. It was then that Jessica and Bill realized their capacity to donate video production services to help amplify the voice of extremely deserving nonprofits. 

The next trip they donated was to Romania and Moldova with Northwest Medical Teams International. The father daughter duo realized that they could give a leveraged gift by donating their frequent flyer miles to get camera crews to international locations being served by American NGOs. Between 2005 and 2013, Bill and Jessica continued to organize and donate free video shoots all around the world through their company Two Parrot Productions. However, there came a time when it became obvious that the philanthropic side of Two Parrot Productions really deserved its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

In 2015, the brand Eyes On Your Mission was born. At first we used fiscal agents to raise money for our 3 core programs: 1) Video grants to nonprofits, 2) Academy and education, and 3) Apprenticeships and mentorships. Before we received our 501(c)(3) status; Two Parrot Productions, The Center For Social Change, and the Florida International University Foundation all served as fiscal agents to raise and manage money for our charitable programs. 

2017 marked the year we received our official nonprofit designation from the IRS, we continued to focus on our 3 core programs

2017 Ware family Foundation
22015-2023 FIU Partnership
Dr. Moses Shumow
Dr. Nancy Richmond

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Ellen Bristol
Ellen Bristol
Ellen Bristol

Board of Directors

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Mike Firmature
Mike Firmature

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Miriam “Mimi” King
Miriam “Mimi” King

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EOYM Grant Program (Annual Competition for Free Professional Videos for Nonprofits)


Are you a dynamic nonprofit that deserves a short documentary film to powerfully tell your organizational story to a larger audience? Consider applying for the 2024 EOYM video production grant!

Each grant winning nonprofit is awarded $20,000 in pro bono professional video production services to shoot video content for one day, anywhere in the world, then create a 3-5 minute emotionally compelling documentary film to help with communications and fundraising.

Any NGO globally is eligible and invited to apply. While we produce projects all around the globe, many of our grantees are sourced from South Florida as our nonprofit Eyes On Your Mission and production partner Two Parrot Productions are both proudly headquartered within the Miami community.

While our first pro bono project evolved in 2005, it wasn’t until 2014 that the Eyes On Your Mission 501(c)(3) created a formal award application process. This grant is international, multi-lingual and considers a diverse range of causes and organizations. Our team has travelled to over 100 countries on all 7 continents tellings stories ranging from mental health in Pakistani refugee camps to family planning on Burkino Fasso’s fair trade farms.

We encourage previous grant applicants to apply again with fresh updated ideas. Timing is everything, so sometimes a nonprofit can apply several times before being chosen. The primary creative collective that donates their videography and photography services has been working as a team for over 10 years.


  • Application process opens: May 16, 2024
  • Application process closes: July 18, 2024
  • Finalists interviews begin: August 18, 2024
  • Winners announced: September 1, 2024
  • On-site video/photo shoots: October 2024
    Video editing: November 2024
  • Final deliverables: December 2024

2024 Grant Window Open: May 16 - July 18, 2024
Jessica@TwoParrot.com / 630.835.4811



Grant Application Info

To apply for the grant, the nonprofit must be a registered 501c3 organization, have a fiscal agent, or be an international non-governmental association, maintain an active social media presence, and demonstrate creative problem-solving for a modern social issue while also showing an eagerness to evolve and grow.


The nonprofit must be a registered 501c3 organization, have a fiscal agent, or be an international non-governmental association


Must maintain an active social media presence


Demonstrate creative problem-solving for a modern social issue.


Demonstrate an eagerness to evolve and grow

Two Parrot & Grantees Provisions

What is Provided?

What Two Parrot Provides
  • A highly sophisticated approach to video pre-production
  • Two Parrot and the GRANTEE will develop the storyboard, shot-list, and reverse-engineered interview questions
  • Video production (HD videotaping and photography at a single location anywhere in the world). 
  • Pre-production, consulting, planning
  • Post-production, editing
  • International airfare, visas, and vaccinations for crew
  • Hotel/Accommodations for crew
  • All video strategy sessions
  • Full virtual workspace (DropBox, Evernote, TeamViewer)
  • Final deliverable: 3-minute video
What the Grantees Provide
  • Local liaison
  • Local transportation
  • Local translation or interpreter services
  • Location scouting
  • A minimum of 40 staff-hours from a designated point person at Grantee to shepherd the project from beginning to end
  • Any travel costs (air, hotel) related to staff of Grantee
Grantee Showreels


2022 Grant Awardee
2022 Grant Awardee
Client name: Eyes on Your Mission
Date: 2022
Link: https://vimeo.com/766981855
2022 Grant Awardee
Lotus House
Fashion Show for Women with Disabilities
Fashion Show for Women with Disabilities
Client name: Two Parrots Production
Date: 2020
Link: https://vimeo.com/436857399
Fashion Show for Women with Disabilities
(508 Compliant) – Bold Beauty
Girl Scouts of SFL
Girl Scouts of SFL
Client name: Eyes on Your Mission
Date: 2022
Link: https://vimeo.com/713404009
Girl Scouts of SFL
@ Girl Fest
Join the Fight
Join the Fight

Join John Walsh to learn of a cutting new technology inside of Child Rescue Coalition that is viciously attacking the issue of child sexual abuse.

Client name: Two Parrots Production
Date: 2020
Link: https://vimeo.com/436859926
Join the Fight
Child Rescue Coalition