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Our mission is to empower social causes and nonprofit organizations to tell their stories with maximum impact. Our vision is a world where humanitarian agencies powerfully use video and technological storytelling tools to make media that educates, engages, and influences.

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In the dynamic world of video production, Eyes on Your Mission (EOYM) stands out as a beacon of hope and inspiration. As a company dedicated to crafting impactful visual stories, EOYM specializes in filming for non-profit organizations, transforming their visions into powerful narratives. Our unique approach to storytelling is further enriched by our partnership with Two Parrot Productions, a sister website and a like-minded ally in the pursuit of social change through visual media.

Our Shared Vision

Both EOYM and Two Parrot Productions were born from a shared vision: to use the art of filmmaking as a tool for social impact. This partnership thrives on a mutual understanding of the power of visual storytelling in promoting the values and missions of non-profit organizations. Our collaboration is more than a business alliance; it is a shared journey in creating a meaningful impact on society.

Expanding Reach and Impact

The collaboration between EOYM and Two Parrot Productions has not only enhanced our capabilities but also expanded our reach. Through this partnership, we can offer our services to a wider array of non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally. This expanded reach means more stories of hope and change can be told, touching the lives of more people across the globe.

Customized Solutions for Non-Profits

Understanding that each non-profit has its unique story and needs, our partnership is built on providing customized solutions. Whether it's a grassroots organization working on a local issue or a global entity addressing worldwide challenges, EOYM and Two Parrot Productions work hand-in-hand to tailor our services to each organization's specific objectives and audience.

Our shared vision, complementary services, and joint success stories underscore our commitment to empowering non-profit organizations through exceptional video storytelling. Together, we stand as a formidable force in the world of social impact, dedicated to amplifying voices and fostering change, one story at a time.


We are the most trusted nonprofit video production company in the United States. Since 2001 we’ve worked with small, medium and large sized clients in the USA and around the world. Contact us today for an estimate or proposal for your video production project.


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What They Are Saying


What Bill Kizorek has done definitely benefits society as a whole.

Oprah Winfrey
The Oprah Winfrey Show

Your video production for Kids Of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania should have received an academy award!

George Namkung
Kids of Kilimanjaro

You are a brilliant filmmaker and marketer. You really understand how to tell authentic human stories in their most inspiring form and why that’s so important for us as nonprofits.

Aiyshen Stanley Padilla
AARP Foundation

You are an absolute pioneer in digital fundraising…thanks for coming out to AFP and showing us how it’s done!

Ellen Bristol
Association of Fundraising Professionals

I work with production companies for a living, as we did with Two Parrot to produce the series TechVersify. I can’t say enough about your superior creativity, communication, and technical skills. You’ve got a fan for life!

Max Duke
PBS Network
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