Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Proud Father.

Bill Kizorek

Bill Kizorek Sizzle

Bill Kizorek, a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist, has etched an indelible mark across various realms. With a remarkable journey that encompasses appearances on esteemed platforms such as Oprah, 20/20, Dateline, and BBC, as well as contributions to all four major U.S. television networks, his influence is both wide-ranging and profound.

From 1980 to 1998, Bill spearheaded InPhoto Surveillance as CEO, ultimately orchestrating its acquisition by Kroll Global Risk Management, a testament to dedication and leadership for two decades.

A prolific author with 11 published books on topics spanning video technology, risk management, and international travel, Bill's expertise is reflected in his expansive literary portfolio. His globetrotting endeavors have not gone unnoticed; his ventures have been chronicled in the New York Times, underscoring his extensive journeys and philanthropic film projects. At the heart of his accomplishments lies his role as the proud father of Two Parrot Co-Founder, Jessica Kizorek, a testament to his nurturing and inspiring presence within his family.

Bill's legacy extends beyond the corporate world; the Huffington Post featured an article shedding light on his transition from a former private investigator to a benevolent advocate for non-profits. The inception of Two Parrot Productions, born out of a transformative journey shared with his daughter Jessica, showcases his commitment to creating impactful narratives. With a dedication to unearthing authentic stories, Two Parrot has collaborated with global entities like the World Bank, UNHCR, Make A Wish Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

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