Dr. Moses Shumow

My name is Moses Shumow. I am an associate professor of digital media studies at Florida International University. I grew up in New Mexico in a town with 300 people and no stop lights. My high school graduating class had 33 students. I am most passionate about engaging my students in critical thought and community service projects focused on social justice. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact of Eyes on Your Mission on the apprentices, my students, and the non-profits we are trying to help.


Alexa Victoria Jane

My name is Alexa Victoria Jane. I am a graduating senior at Florida International University. I majored in Digital Media Studies and minored in Social Media and E-Marketing. I’m half Filipino and half Cuban, and my bi-cultural upbringing in Miami has influenced nearly every facet of my personality. I’m passionate about interior decorating, event design, photography, technology, anthropology, science fiction, fantasy, and anime. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living doing what I love. I’m an event designer based in Wynwood. I’m also a social media marketer, specializing in event and food photography. Eyes On Your Mission has inspired me to give back and incorporate charitable work into my many entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m looking forward to applying to a graduate program to study digital or cyborg anthropology.

Alyssa Walters

My name is Alyssa Walters. I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about helping others. I’m certified in commercial photography and Photoshop. I’m about to graduate college, and I’m hoping to attend graduate school to further my studies. I decided to participate in Eyes on Your Mission academy to further my knowledge in the production process.

Ana Lemus

Hi my name is Ana Lemus, and I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about film and TV production. I believe when used correctly it can make a great impact in this world. I am currently working at Univision and I am looking forward to graduating this summer. I am excited to be part of Eyes on Your Mission because I am using my skills to help the community.

Ava Davis

My name is Ava-Dawn Davis and I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about fighting for equality for women in the workforce. I am looking forward to graduating and working as a producer in the media industry.

Carolina Cuadra

My name is Carolina Cuadra. I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about writing and traveling the world. I was born and raised in Miami. I’m participating on Eyes on Your Mission Academy because I want to help better the world and we are a stepping stone.

Carolina de la Fuente

My name is Carolina de la Fuente, I am a senior at Florida International University. I feel passionate about storytelling and topics of social justice such as women’s rights and racial equality. An interesting fact about me is that I am a DJ for my college radio. I am looking forward to graduating and applying my passions into tangible projects that help change the world.

Delia Lopez

My name is Delia Lopez. I am a digital media student in the production track at Florida International University. I am most passionate about helping people be happy in whatever way I can. When I was younger, I used to watch movies and constantly think about how they were made and how the creators chose to get the story across. I’ve now learned how to do some of that myself, and in the future I hope to help people express themselves and tell their stories. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of this project; I’m hoping to help these organizations get the recognition they need to serve the people who deserve it.

Estefania Jaramillo

My name is Estefania Jaramillo. I am a Project Manager and Content Creator at Hello Printing Ideas. I am most passionate about telling a different story to the public. It’s always good to be able to create useful content and to be able to promote change with it. In the future, I want to be a top reporter and work as a director in a very well known TV channel. I’m excited to be a part of this project because changing perspectives and helping a community in need through different types of media will not only be a fulfilling experience but will boost my creative mind to the fullest.

Jasmine Romero

I’m Jasmine Romero, and I’m a senior at Florida International University. I’m passionate about art and videography and how it ties into storytelling. When I’m not drawing, shooting or editing video, you can hear me co-host a weekly radio show on WRGP. In the future, I hope to continue making short documentaries on art, music, and culture here in Miami. Eyes on Your Mission has given me the opportunity to sharpen these skills and pass them on to others.

Jinette Garcia

My name is Jinette Garcia, and I have Eyes on Your Mission. I am senior TV production major at Florida International University. I am most passionate about video production and creative planning. In the future, I want to utilize my production skills in a successful TV and/or digital career. I’m excited to be a part of this project because I truly feel this team is made up of people who sincerely care about the organizations they are helping out.

Jolson Diaz

My name is Jolson Diaz, and I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about photography, and my love for being behind a camera is what interested me about video production. My future plan is to make a living from taking photographs and becoming a published photographer. I believe the Eyes on Your Mission Academy is a great opportunity for helping the community.

Leilani Bruce

My name is Leilani Bruce and I am a Senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about learning about new cultures and perspectives. I was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban and Jamaican parents. I am constantly developing and exploring new interests and passions. I hope to pursue a creative career though u am still deciding the path I will take. The Eyes on Your Mission project is inspiring to me  in that it allows us individuals to grow while helping each other and those in need.

Melina Pardo

My name is Melina Pardo. I am a senior graphic designer and photographer at FIU. I am most passionate about my work in photography. My favorite type of photography is film. I plan to graduate in a few weeks and get a job in either graphic design or photography. I decided to participate in the eyes of your mission academy in order to use my skills to help non profits and individuals grow.

Nicholas Olivera

My name is Nicholas Olivera, and I am a student at Florida International University. I am most passionate about making people laugh, and one day I’m going to write for television shows. I applied to the Eyes on Your Mission campaign because I want to help people.

Rikki Barry

My name is Rikki Barry. I am currently a senior studying broadcast media at Florida International University. I am most passionate about art expressed in different media. It intrigues me to see the ways in which people articulate their thoughts and feelings and to see the platforms through which they emote these. I hope to use this passion to help others turn their visions into art effective for the 21st century, through multimedia. I love the Eyes on Your Mission project because it allows me to do just that. It not only provides a non-profit and me the opportunity to grow, but it allows us, together, to gift someone with an audience and a voice.

Sabrina Pimentel

My name is Sabrina Pimentel, and I am a senior. I am most passionate about inspiring others. I am constantly finding ways to help people think outside the box. One second I am helping a company improve their online presence, and the next second I am blogging about the best place to have brunch in Miami. My future goals are to work in the marketing department at a super-creative company. I have a passion for marketing and broadcast, so I would love to work at a network in their marketing department. After gaining more professional experience I would like to open my own company that helps startups in everything creative. I feel that this project will impact the community in more ways that we can imagine. Inspiration is everything, and I hope our video will inspire millions of people to help these nonprofits.

Wendy Hernandez

My name is Wendy Hernandez, and I am a senior at Florida International University. I have recently become passionate about photography. I look forward to graduating college and expressing my creative side with the use of my camera. I believe the Eyes on Your Mission Academy is doing an amazing thing by bringing awareness to non-profits that make a difference for the lives of many people.

Zoe Boyd

My name is Zoe Boyd. I am a senior at Florida International University. I am most passionate about social media and marketing. I have worked as a campus representative for the Victoria’s Secret PINK brand for the past two years and have been using my social media expertise to build an audience for the PINK FIU social channels. I am looking forward to graduating in August and finding new and exciting opportunities outside of Florida.
Name : Brandon Barnes
Email : mixedcapitalmedia@gmail.com
Contact No : 7086395683
Address : 1619 Estate Circle
Naperville, IL.
United States
Portfolio Website : https://www.flickr.com/photos/mixedcapitalmedia/

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Photography,Video Editing,Voice Over,Storytelling / Copywriting,Research

Training :

Currently, I am completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology as a non traditional transfer student and dual income household at North Central College. Recently, I am working as a student assistant in the campus library’s Archives and Special Collections department where I co-curated an exhibit and produced a video highlighting the academic curriculum, social activism and community organizing principles of African American alumni during the Civil Rights and Black Power movement at North Central. Previously, while volunteering with the DuSable Museum of African American History I made an appearance on the 30th season of Jeopardy!

Professional Goals :

To apply my leadership and technical experience in library information data entry, digital management, archival data research and instructional media technology resource installation. Additionally, as an undergraduate studying public sociology and cultural anthropology buidling a start up business in video production and stock photography I am interested in policy research concerning diversity and inclusion to the visual composition of narrative storytelling and commercial advertising.

Name : Carrie Ruckel
Email : ruckel77@hotmail.com
Contact No : 773-793-1767
Address : 3423 W Palmer St
Chicago IL 60647
Portfolio Website : Carrieruckel.com

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Project / Client Management,Photography,Video Editing,Public Relations / Media Relations,Research

Training :

BFA from The School of the Art Institue of Chicago
MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts
Chicago Access Network Television (CANTV)
I have a wide variety of experience and have worked in many different genres. I have worked with grassroots and non profit organizations and individuals to help them get their message out to the world.

Professional Goals :

I’ve been working independently and for CANTV for over 10 years. I’d like to learn new skills including technical as well as more experience working collaboratively. I want to work on social justice issues and with artists.

Name : Emily Fesler
Email : thedryfox@gmail.com
Contact No : 6055954513
Address :914 6th Ave NE

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Photography,Video Editing,Graphic Designer,Motion Graphics,Coding / Programming

Training :

I currently study at Northern State University, in Aberdeen SD. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design/Multimedia Design so I’ve jumped all over the place with my classes. I did very well in my 2D Motion Graphics (animation) class as well as my video edited class. I am getting very into photography and growing a passion for camera work. One of my photography pieces was accepted into this SEA conference exhibition as well. I’m looking for any and all opportunities to learn more.

Professional Goals :

I want to experience something different. I want to be apart of a team, to learn, and get the most out of my experiences as I can. You only get out of something, what you put into it. And I intend to put in a lot of work.

Name :Eric Phillips
Email : phillips.ericjames@gmail.com
Contact No : 6308358052
Address :2727 N Pine Grove Ave,
Apartment 305
Chicago, IL 60614
United States of America
Portfolio Website : http://www.ericjphillips.com/

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Photography,Video Editing

Training :

“College of DuPage, Associate in Applied Science in Photography, 2013.

The Theatre School at DePaul University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Lighting Design, 2017.

I have had many amazing teachers in my life. One of those teachers was Miles Lowry. Miles was my studio photography professor at College of DuPage. Miles had been a high end studio photographer for many years, and he always pushed us to perform at that level. He taught us how to look at, and perfect, every tiny detail in a photograph, because it was those tiny details that would distinguish the great photos from the good photos. That need for perfection became more than practice for me, it became my whole philosophy for creating work in any medium.

Learning new technology is easy. Making meaningful connections is really important to me. My background in photography, video, and theatre gives me a broad range of skills, an eye for quality production, and an almost sick passion for preparation.”

Professional Goals :

I want to learn how to interview others well, and also learn how to make a video business both sustainable and charitable. I believe you do both brilliantly.

Name : Nicole Garza
Email : garzanl@outlook.com
Contact No : 7737509095
Address : 5350 N. Nordica Chicago,
Illinois 60656
Portfolio Website : http://garzanl.wixsite.com/ngarza

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Video Editing

Training :

A majority of my training I have learned in college at Concordia University Chicago. I have taken several Media Production courses and completed my first documentary on bullying among high school girls. In addition I have completed a documentary with my colleague on the intersection between music and mental health. I am currently the General Manager of my campus tv and radio station and work as an audio producer/student worker in our Media Productions department. I am actively involved in producing, editing and directing our monthly news shoots as well as broadcasting sports games and audio recording all music events on campus. I am currently creating my third documentary about women in media for my senior project, a promo video for a non for profit organization, as well as a recruitment video for my school’s College of Business.

Professional Goals :

I hope to continue my interest in film and learning more techniques in order to advance my skill set. I enjoy creating documentaries and telling people’s stories as well as raising awareness towards various issues.

Name : Thomas K Johnson
Email : thomaskyjohnson@gmail.com
Contact No : 4026160005
Address : 7400, Augusta Street, River Forest, IL, United States
Box #499
Portfolio Website : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWL1626tug4_-g2cYo27D2g

Social Links :

Skills Sets :

Videography (Camera Operator),Project / Client Management,Photography,On-Camera Talent,Video Editing,Voice Over,Comedian / Humorist,Musician / Music Producer,Storytelling / Copywriting

Training :

“I first began making videos in 2009 in 5th grade. I was fully self taught, save for the occasional YouTube video tutorial. I continued to make videos for years after but it did not get really serious until my junior year. My High School (Concordia High school in Omaha Nebraska) hosted a yearly talent show. In 2015 My friends and I decided to make several videos for the event. We planned it and I edited them all together for the show. In many ways they were the highlight of the event (In fact, our parody video is the first result when you YouTube search Concordia Lutheran High School). We decided, upon the success of that, to created “Concordia Live”, a knock off of a local show called “Omaha Live”, a knock off of the ever famous, “Saturday Night Live”.

The following year we submitted a video to the Nebraska Ethanol Board’s Field to Fuel contest. It was a huge success and we snatched first place! The Board interviewed me about our initial idea and success. I told them about the talent show and our inspiration from Omaha Live. Several days later I was called out of class by my principal. “What did I do this time?” I asked myself. He took me into his office and took a big sigh. “I got this email from someone from…Omaha Live? Do you know anything about this?”

Needless to say, I was stunned. As it turns out, Omaha Live saw the Enthanol Board’s article and wanted to air our sketch on Local TV and even do a co-op video with us! I was thoroughly excited.

Fast forward to a few months later and the sketch was filmed and done airing on Local Television. It was truly an amazing experience. We were able to include anout 30 kids from the school and each of them loved the oppurtunity to be silly and appear on Television. I would definitely call this a highlight of my high school career.

To answer the other questions, I studied at Concordia Junior Senior High School in Omaha Nebraska and am now enrolled in Concordia University Chicago for Communications with an emphasis in Media. I have loved my music teachers all through education and my high school band director was really a huge advocate for the entire idea of Concordia Live. I owe much of the club’s success to him.

I was the founder and head of Concordia Live for two years as well as student body president for my senior year. I was also involved in just about every musical activity in my high school (save for the athletics).

In high school I also graduated with a 4.01 and recieved The Mustang award for being the person who best represented the school for what it stood for. I am also an Eagle Scout and love everything involved with camping and nature. I recently helped direct a short film with my friend for a 48 hour film festival. We received best costume! We then decided to submit it into the Omaha Film Festival. We have yet to hear what place we recieve, but the festival board put it right at the top spot! I also occasionally volunteer with Sophia Wong and her Asian Popup Film festival when I have an open weekend.

Sorry for the ecclectisiscm of the last paragraph, but I didn’t want to leave any questions largely unanswered. In all, I am really excited to continue on this path towards professional filmigraphy and leadership and I hope this project can help me to achieve those goals! Thanks for reading my short novella.”

Professional Goals :

The end goal is to make movies that really make people feel. There is something so human about the arts that really connects people and I want to tap into that. Of course it’ll be many days down the road, but hopefully Eyes on Your Mission can help me to gain some experience and get a foot in the door. I really love the technical aspects of videography like lighting, gear, stands, tripods, slides, drones, etc. and how those relate to story telling. The one really big thing I hope to pick up on is how professionals work through problems and how the general interworking actually work. I always love to see “how the pros do it” and then follow that in my personal projects. I’m really hoping this could help me to achieve my future goals in the field.

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