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EOYM Vision

Collaboration, Creativity, Learning, and Community.

Jessica's Vision for EOYM

Mission Statement

The Eyes On Your Mission Project serves creative content makers at the intersection of video production and social change.

Vision Statement

Empowers youth and communities to actualize positive change through access to media technology, production skills and digital storytelling.


Collaboration, Creativity, Learning, and Community.

Organizational Descriptions

The Eyes On Your Mission Project (EOYM) is a Miami-based 501(c)(3) that serves nonprofits, students, industry professionals and communities at the intersection of video production and social change. The EOYM annual Video Grant provides organizations with free video production. Opportunities are provided for aspiring filmmakers through our Filmmaking Academy and paid Apprenticeship Program. Filmmaking For Good, EOYM’s online platform, offers accessible production skill building on an interactive learning management system.

How To Support EOYM

(In no particular order)

  • Donate camera equipment
  • Donate video production services
  • Apply for EOYM GrantTell nonprofits about grant
  • Make a video about a cause/nonprofit
  • Donate to EOYM Apprenticeship Fund
  • Recurring donation
  • Tell educator you know about FFG
  • Learn about FFG
  • Follow us on social media
  • Refer young people to EOYM apprenticeship program
  • Tell a reporter about EOYM
  • Write a story about EOYM
  • Introduce us to nonprofits you care about
  • Promote on social media
  • Pay for FFG course
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Educator training learn yourself
  • Parents: Sign up your kids
  • Introduce us to potential donors
  • Volunteer
  • Business sponsorship
  • Match funds raised
  • Employ our apprentices/jobs
  • Join our board
  • Amazon smile
  • Students tell us how you’ve changed with our programs
  • Intro us to nonprofits with similar missions
  • Introduce us to television station people


There are several funding opportunities available, including operational funds, individual grant videos, group grant applications, FIU Research (Moses Shumow style), FFG Proliferation (Local/National), scholarships for FFG, production projects (for internships like Techversify), support from the Carrie Meek Foundation for safer communities, foundation funding to support grantees (Emerson Collective), PCAA, and NFTE.

Download NFTE Proposal