Filmmaking For Good is a tool for educators to engage students inside of a larger educational experience that they are delivering. It is most ideally meant as a group activity, with a number of small groups of students getting together to make a short video about an issue or cause that the group members are passionate about. For instance, if a college classroom has 100 students, they would be broken into 20 groups of 5 students to make a total of 20 videos in the classroom. Each student would pay for individual access to our course (i.e. $59.95/student), and all 20 of that classroom’s videos will qualify to win our prize money. While our courses can be done by students individually (without an educator facilitating), that is not necessarily the spirit in which it was designed. Our experience shows that it is very difficult to get students to finish the entire course unless it’s mandatory inside of a classroom or educational setting. We know that many educators out there are teaching literacy and social media to their students, from middle school and high school to college. We have done implementations with organizations ranging from The Girl Scouts and The Boys and Girls Club, to Florida International University and Princeton. In each case, we collaborated with a specific educator who used our materials to teach a segment about media production inside of their classes. Filmmaking For Good is a turnkey project-based learning experience made to be embedded inside an educator agenda or syllabus.