PRESS RELEASE (For June 28, 2017 Event): EOYM’s  “Video & the Entrepreneurial Artist” screening showcases Eyes On Your Mission’s first Chicago program to grow entrepreneurship opportunities for artists in partnership with the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference, the Coleman Foundation, and North Central College. The Chicago artist profiles were inspired by EOYM’s creator Jessica Kizorek’s recent trip to Brazil shooting a featurette for the United Nation Women’s Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. That clip can be seen here.

The EOYM Project is based in Miami, but chose Chicago as its first national expansion city. Why? Creator Jessica Kizorek grew up here. “I had attended the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference speaking and facilitating workshops in my field of expertise: online video marketing. When I learned that the SEA Conference leadership wanted to expand its programming year round, with a special emphasis in expanding their digital footprint, I was eager to join forces!”

As part of its dedication to Chicagoland Entrepreneurship, the Coleman Foundation, funded a modified EOYM Academy that paired five video production apprentices with five young self-employed artists who strategically leveraged the SEA Conference to propel their trajectory learning into the real world. Michael Hennessy, President of the Coleman Foundation, commented, “After 17 years of funding the local SEA Conference, The Eyes On Your Mission Project appealed to us because the research will provide insights that will allow us to think past the conference alone into cultivating a community-sourced pipeline of inspired and dedicated artists who have developed core self-employment skills, know where to find and how to use community resources, and who feel confident supporting themselves financially being self-employed.”

EOYM’S Video & the Entrepreneurial Artist! 5-part series features:

Free registration for the Chicago event is available at:


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