Two Parrot Productions is calling all dreamers, doers and aspiring producers to apply for our 2017 internship program!!!

We seek hard workers and risk takers who want to make the world better by producing media for nonprofits who are affecting positive social change all over the globe. This is more than an internship – it’s a life changing personal and professional experience that puts you in the middle of the best heartwarming stories our community has to offer. We want people who are seeking more than an internship but an experience that will be a stepping-stone for our organization as well as your business career.

We are opening our doors to ALL AGES, ABILITY LEVELS, ETHNICITIES, GENDER, and SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Minorities are particularly welcome as they often have the least access to high-tech training and professional opportunities!!

Video Production

Pre-production planning, scripting, storyboarding, designing interviews, logistics, equipment, field production, studio production, lighting, audio, art direction, editing, motion graphics, typography, design, media management, digital storage, transcoding, uploading and optimization

Social Media

Create campaign goals, social media strategy, target market research, content development, build templates, post/repost, comment, follow various accounts, spread memes, produce short videos, produce branded graphic images, graphic design


Data analyses, identify areas of opportunity, develop growth plan, lead generation, lead conversion, relationship building, LinkedIn mining, phone calls, MMS campaigns, HTML, emails, list building, sales pipelining, setting metrics and analytics, grants research, grants writing

Public Relations/Media

Promote and increase visibility, advertising, write and design projects, network with journalists, cultivate public relations opportunities, assist in the writing and distribution, make phone calls to news agencies, write stories, story research, build relationships through social media, execute interviews, draft Q & As, analyze results





2017 Apprenticeship Application

**WE SUGGEST you draft your written answers in a word document first, then copy/paste answers into the form below just in case any data is lost in the upload.**

  • Please provide a website link where we can learn more about you
  • Please provide a website link where we can learn more about you
  • Please select if you are currently enrolled/employed in the following:
  • Please select the departments in which you would like to intern (check all that apply)
    Please select how much time you have to dedicate to this internship. The longer increments involve more training.
  • Where did you study? Any highlights of your educational experience? Teachers you loved? Classes you excelled in? Any expertise or niche that makes you particularly valuable? Any awards or recognition?
  • What type of work environment do you prefer?
  • Briefly explain your professional goals and what you'd most like to learn from the Eyes On Your Mission Internship Program? What are you most excited to focus on? Any particular skill sets you're looking to pick up?
  • Drop files here or
    Please attach any documents that may be relevant to the internship field in which you are applying
  • How have you worked together in the past? How long have you known each other?
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