**THE EOYM ANNUAL VIDEO GRANT IS NOW OPEN! Apply on the GRANTS page for free video production and visual storytelling to help a nonprofit you love get more eyes on its mission.**

The Eyes On Your Mission Project produces MEDIA THAT MATTERS. Our mission is to foster community-building collaborations between film industry professionals, nonprofits, colleges, and high schools to get more "eyes on their mission." We currently have three programs: the EOYM Grant, EOYM Academy, and EOYM Apprenticeship Program.

With a focus on youth living in marginalized and underserved communities, the Eyes On Your Mission Project partners with funders who prioritize access to education, professional development, entrepreneurial exposure, arts programs, creative industry growth, interdisciplinary experiential learning, teacher training, after school opportunities, community based initiatives, and bridging the digital divide.

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Dearest family - On behalf of all of us here at Team Irie Foundation, our most sincere THANK YOU to the entire EOYM & Two Parrot team! From top to bottom, the synergy in this project was absolutely perfect and each of you astounded us with your top-notch professionalism. You guys top the work ethic charts without a doubt! It was truly a pleasure working alongside each of you and sharing the spirit of our philanthropic efforts!

DJ Irie Irie Foundation, 2016 Nonprofit Grant Winner

Summer 2016 Videos

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